DJ Alice D


In addition to my performances as Alice D I published several tracks using the pseudonym BB Berlin. Together with Xavier J I’m the EDM duo TransHuman.

All tracks had been released among others by Tainted Buddha Records.

My personal TransHuman favorite is the TechHouse/Minimal track “Wanna go back!” where elements of electronic dance music of the 90th are combined with minimalistic straight arrangements.

Have a look at the TransHuman artist page at Beatport!

102.08.2015Wanna go back!TransHuman
212.10.2012Up All NightTransHuman / Betatest
312.10.2012W.T.F.TransHuman / Betatest
412.10.2012Liquid DreamsTransHuman / Betatest
512.10.2012Don’t contact meTransHuman / Betatest
612.10.2012TransHuman ThemeTransHuman / Betatest
703.03.2011Fuck to the RythmBB Berlin